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Teeth Whitening in Arlington Heights Rolling Meadows, IL

Are your teeth yellow and discolored? If you are experiencing tooth discoloration, then it is likely that you are embarrassed about the quality of your smile. Some people are so self-conscious about the color of their teeth that they hesitate to smile and they are self-conscious when they talk with other people. Don’t let discomfort about your teeth have a negative impact on your self-confidence! Professional teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to help you transform your smile and improve your self-confidence at the same time.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. At-Home Treatments

At Parkway Dental Care, we offer a variety of teeth whitening treatments to help you improve your smile. We understand that the shade of your teeth will have a direct impact on the appearance of your smile, which is why we offer dentist teeth whitening to help. Keep in mind there is a big difference in the results that you will achieve with an at-home teeth whitening kit compared to a professional teeth whitening experience.

With a quick trip to the grocery store or market, you can find a variety of at-home teeth whitening products: toothpaste, mouth wash, whitening strips, and more. These products might make a difference to the color of your teeth, but they can require multiple treatments and potentially damage your teeth if they aren’t used right. Additionally, the results of do-it-yourself teeth whitening aren’t as effective as the results that are possible from professional teeth whitening.

Benefits of Dentist Teeth Whitening

There are multiple benefits that you can enjoy when you schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening:

  • Brighter smile
  • Improved confidence
  • Fast results
  • Safe form of teeth whitening
  • Reduce tooth and gum sensitivity
  • Effective way to remove discoloration

If your teeth are stained or you are looking for a way to achieve a brighter smile, then professional teeth whitening is the right solution for your needs. Discoloration might occur from the use of tobacco, medications, or eating certain types of foods, but this discoloration can be easily fixed with one appointment with the dentist


Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment

Are you ready for a brighter smile? Then we invite you to contact our office to learn more about the options that are available. Our experienced team will gladly answer your questions and help you identify the treatments that can be used to whiten your teeth and make you more confident in your appearance. Call us today to schedule your appointment, and we will help you quickly improve your smile with professional teeth whitening.

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