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When you visit our office at Parkway Dental Care, our goal is to offer you the best dental care that is available. Our experienced team will help you maintain a healthy smile, and one of the important steps during your dental visit is the oral cancer screening.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

This portion of the dental examination is designed to look for signs of precancerous or cancerous conditions in your mouth. The dental cancer screening is done by Dr. Daniel Song or one of the other experienced members of our team, and we include this screening as part of your regular dental care.

An oral cancer screening is beneficial for early detection because it is much easier to treat mouth cancer if it is discovered in the early stages. As with any type of cancer, the chances for a cure increase greatly with early detection.

This routine examination involves a thorough examination of your mouth to identify any visual cues that might indicate the presence of cancerous cells. There are some situations that might merit additional testing, such as a sample of the cells to identify the progression of the disease.

Do You Need a Dentist Cancer Screening?

Even if you have seemingly good health, it is still beneficial to have a dental cancer screening completed when you visit the dentist. This screening increases the likelihood that precancerous lesions are identified in the early stages. Early detection means that the lesions are easiest to remove in order to increase the possibility of a cure.

Both healthy people and patients with a high risk should have these cancer screenings done. Certain people have a higher risk of oral cancer, depending on their lifestyle and individual situation. These are some of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of oral cancer:

  • Previous cancer diagnosis
  • Use of any type of tobacco
  • High level of alcohol consumption
  • Sun exposure, leading to skin cancer on the lips

By minimizing the factors listed above, you can reduce your risk of oral cancer. Regardless of your risk, it is still a good idea to have regular cancer screenings because you never know when a cancerous lesion will develop.

At Parkway Dental Care, we are committed to your dental care. We offer a thorough oral cancer screening when our patients visit our office for a regular checkup. Call us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about the services that are offered.

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