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Preventative Dentistry in Arlington Heights Rolling Meadows, IL

When it comes to dental care and other types of medical treatments, it is always best to focus on preventive care to avoid potential health problems. Preventive dental care can save you money because it is much more affordable to pay for the regular checkups instead of waiting for treatments when bigger dental problems have occurred.

What is Preventive Dental Care?

The first line of defense to help you protect the health of your mouth is dental preventive care. Visiting Parkway Dental Care on a regular basis is a great way to detect potential problems early on, in order to obtain the dental treatments that are needed to help you avoid additional dental problems in the future.
We believe that regular dental care right now is the best method to help you maintain a healthy smile. Our experienced team at Parkway Dental Care will work with you to prevent serious dental problems by teaching you about good dental hygiene habits. Your daily hygiene, combined with regular dental visits, will ensure that you have optimal dental health and a beautiful smile.

Examples of Preventive Dental Care

Each dental appointment is catered to the individual needs of the patient that is visiting the office. It is important to do a screening to identify any problems that might be present, in order to utilize the tools and treatments that are available to fix those problems as quickly as possible.

Examples of preventive care include regular cleanings to remove plaque build-up that can lead to gum disease, which enables you to avoid gum recession and other serious dental problems associated with gum disease. Another example is removing tooth decay so that it doesn’t spread through the tooth. By eliminating these problems as soon as they are detected, you can prevent further damage and costly treatments that might be needed in the future.

Serious dental problems are painful and expensive, and these issues can easily be avoided with regular dental care. People of all ages should visit the dentist on a regular basis in order to maintain good dental health and protect their smile.


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The basis of good preventive dental care is working with a trusted dentist who can offer high-quality treatments whenever they are needed. Visiting the dentist for regular checkups will ensure that you are protecting your dental health so that you can maintain a beautiful, healthy smile throughout your life. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and learn about the dental preventive care that is available.

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