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Emergency Dentist in Arlington Heights Rolling Meadows, IL

A dental accident can have long-lasting effects on your smile, especially if you don’t seek dental treatment right away. When these accidents occur and your teeth are damaged, they can lead to confidence and physical problems for many years. At Parkway Dental Care, we specialize in all types of dentistry, and we invite you to call us right away for an appointment with an emergency dentist.

Do You Need Dental Emergency Care?

If any type of accident has occurred, it is important that you contact an emergency dentist right away. The clock is ticking and there is a short window of time in which the tooth can be saved. By immediately calling for dental emergency services, there is a possibility that you can protect your smile and save your teeth.
These are some of the situations that might require dental emergency care:

  • Broken tooth
  • Damaged gums
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Lost or broken filling
  • Broken crown
  • Toothache
  • Any type of discomfort or pain
When you have any type of dental pain or problem, the best thing that you can do is contact our office at Parkway Dental Care to learn more about the treatment options that are available.

Call an Emergency Dentist Right Away

Anytime you are experiencing pain or discomfort because of your teeth or gums, then you should call an emergency dentist right away. When you call, our experienced team will give you detailed instructions about caring for your mouth and teeth in the emergency situation. We will also schedule an appointment to have you visit our office to obtain the fast dental treatment that is needed to save your teeth.

Don’t delay the appointment, because it is important that you see the dentist as quickly as possible. Some people assume that tooth pain is just an inconvenience, and they need to power through the pain until it goes away. But, it is better to call for a same day dental appointment, so that we can look at your teeth and determine what types of treatments are needed to help you avoid other dental issues in the future.

At Parkway Dental Care, our office is available to offer dental treatments when an emergency arises. Our goal is to help you maintain a beautiful smile, and we understand the importance of fast treatment if you have a dental emergency. We can help maximize your insurance benefits, and we also offer financing options if you are worried about paying for the dental emergency services that are needed. Call us right away if you need dental care!

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